Friday, December 10, 2010

Report on the Bill Issue and the Elvish Fund

It's taken me a while to absorb the magnitude of this tale, and longer to write about it.

My last post was a screaming UP YOURS to a place that provided support and assistance to my nutty Aspy child Cyclone. The support was great but their billing terms were fricken ridiculous and I told them so. (I could put a link in here, but you may as well just scroll down lol).

So the first bit of news to report is I have not received another bill since. I have not received ANY response at all, and I was REEEEEALLY looking forward to it. Since they appear to send these stupid demands via snail mail each Friday without fail and since I have not received one this last Friday past, I suppose I should call VICTORY. Slightly deflated about having no response, but you can't win em all...

The second thing to report is that I appear to have found the funding to cover the shortfall. Well, I actually didn't find found it's way to me via the ever lovely Fat Lady.

Now it was arranged that several of my friends and I were to meet the Fat Lady here in Melbourne. I was pretty excited to be able to squish her and talk face to face but my head was totally blown off when she gives me a hug.....AND A WAD OF CASH!

You know those moments when time stops moving and you can't really hear anything with that roaring sound in your ears? That's what happened to me right then and there. So I will give you the full Lulu of The Artistic Licence version. ie - I'm making most of this up.

The Lovely One read my blog post about these stupid billing terms. She immediately thought to herself "fuck this*, I'm getting on the phone to Santa**".

She called the North Pole direct but Santa was busy attending to the reindeer uprising in the stable (more pay better conditions, you know the drill) so she poured out the story to the North Pole receptionist who was horrified - having an autistic young elf herself and passed the word around....something something Facebook, something something Secret Group....something something SHAZAAM and The Lovely One is handing some money to Lulu to pay for the outstanding amount so she doesn't have to risk incurring fiendish debts at the hands of fiends.

*The Lovely One would never say Fuck.
** The Lovely One doesn't do Xmas or believe in Santa.

So there you go - a little Christmas cheer at the end of a very long year for Lulu Unperfect.

Thank you so much to The Lovely One and thank you to all her elves,

unicorns, dryads and

maenads who made it possible. I luffs you wevvy wevvy much.


Lucy said...

That is amazing. That type of gesture - makes me want to cry. xx

Anonymous said...

OH wow - how wonderful is that! Some truly gorgeous people out there.

MultipleMum said...

Well that is some great news Lulu! Go the Fat Lady! Where can I get me one of those Christmas cheer types? Happy days...

Madmother said...

wow. Just when you think the world is full of self-serving sycophants an honest to God good guy pops up.

Glad to know the world is not an evil back-stabbers paradise.

The Fat Lady said...

I can't see any difference between your story and what happened - but that could be the cocktails I was introduced to ;)

Shucks, glad it helped!

Lulu said...

MM, it isn't FULL of them, there are still those rotten little fuckers around. I've currently got one on my back now.

BUT - do you think I care when I have such kindness in my life.

I did have several little cries and found it hard to case I didn't get across how lucky I feel.

*sob *sigh, *grin. Life is good!

Brokemom said...

Oh my! I traveled here just for a minute and now it's been...about an hour. I think I'm falling in love with your blog, I'll be back!