Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cyclone has a lucky find.

The Cyclone had a lucky find on his walk today.

A plastic toy whipper snipper (brush cutter, lawn trimmer, weed wacker - whichever way you roll) left out on the neighbours rubbish pile on the nature strip.

He showed it off proudly and gave me a demonstration - we waxed lyrical on whether it could also be considered a metal detector, but after careful deliberation decided that it was best used as a whipper snipper.

I know the reason why the whipper snipper won. Because it is LOUDER, because it makes more NOISE. As thoughtful, creative, and imaginative my 5 year old is - he is first and foremost a BOY. As much as finding lost treasure was appealing, when he realised that the metal detector only emits wimpy intermittent beeps compared to the nen, nenn, neeennnnnnnnnn, whirrr, whirrrrr ggrrrrwwwwll cacophony that a whipper contest.

Well mummy notices that it is battery operated, and throws in a new set and wacko-the-diddle-o, it works again! Tinny but loud mini speakers roar into 9 volt life NEN NEN NEEN NENNN,, WHIRR, GGRRRROWWLLL.

Uh oh. I realised my mistake - what have I done? I could have left it as it was, he thought it was broken and loved it anyway, but I had to be a hero.

I realised I have about 10 minutes before the noise is going to split my head open so I dash down to my bedroom to hide and call a girl friend for a quick chat. Cyclone was distracted with 'mowing' the floorboards, Betty Boo was quiet in front of the telly and Teen Queen was more than likely in her room writing angry, angsty poetry by candlelight. I got 5 minutes before someone wants something.

It didn't last long of course - I'm mid sentence when Cyclone barrels in, turns the light off and slams the door behind him . LOOK MUUUUM!

I'm plunged into darkness until he turns the on blasted toy to reveal the flashing lights spinning around like a catherine wheel - BRRRM BRRRMMM, NEN NENNNNN NEEEENNN.

Epilepsy material.

I nearly trip over trying to gain my bearings (*note to self, tidy bedroom floor - yeah right.) and find myself screaming - turn those lights back on and turn that whipper snipper OFF!

All I can hear in snorting and choking noises on the other end of the phone as my friend tries (badly) to stifle her laughter.

I really, really hope I never have to repeat those words again sometime in the future......