Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Beautiful beautiful day...

The weather today has been spectacular. After a few weeks of chilly temps, heaps of rain (yay!) and gale force winds, I was greeted this morning by sun and a warm breeze. Excellent, especially since I had to bath the fluffy mutt.

Dog bathed, Scorpio dropped by and decided to take Betty Boo to his place for the night which means I only had the Cyclone at home with me. Awesome - it's great to spend some one on one time with the kids, you can actually have a conversation with one without the another interrupting with desperately important news (I need to do poooos, where are my socks, I have a detention etc) or faking a mortal injury.

The weather was so fabulous I took the Cyclone for a walk. Hey that's big news - I hate 'going for a walk' - actually I hate the thought of it, but once I'm out I enjoy peeking into the neighbours gardens and barking back at the big dogs that like to scare the bejaysus outta me by trying to break through their fences to eat me.

The air smelled so GOOD today, Spring all over - Jasmine, Daphne, all the jonquils showing off their trumpets. I didn't even mind pushing the Cyclones bicycle up the killer hill whilst holding the dog lead.

Our mission was to get tonights dessert from the local mini-supermarket. Whilst we were cruising the aisles Duran Duran was piped through the speakers - well you just can't help but dance when you hear Girls on Film, and the best thing about the Cyclone is he is up for anything, so we had a fantastic boogie in the biscuit section, but then Cher came on and wrecked our disco.
Nevermind. I'm pleased to see my boys lip curl to the sounds of Do You Believe.....bleuurgh.

Dessert found (lamington roll), we head to the liquor section. Now - I do like a drink, it's in my blood BUT the children don't often see mummy partake because they are tucked up in bed on a Friday night. So it's pretty embarrassing when the Cyclone says - "oh mummy don't drink, you will get DRUNK" at the top of his big voice. Awesome.

I don't know where he gets it from (really, I don't!) - the first time he did that to me was when I popped in to the bottle o to grab something for my step dad who was coming for lunch. Cyclone would have been about 2 and a half, never been to a bottle shop before but was familiar with beer I suppose because he screamed at the top of his lungs "Oh mummy, not MORE BEER?"

More awesome. No matter that I wasn't even drinking back then as I was still breastfeeding his little sister. I made some fumbling explanation whilst pointing to my boobs, but I'm sure that just make me look worse.