Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vegie Patch

Here is the 4 foot celery. After the heat it was looking sad, but instead of pulling it all out I left it to go wild. It has gone to seed now - you can tell by the tops so it wouldn't taste any good no matter how giant it is.

I left everything where it was because I got busy with 8 million other things and if I pulled it all up the whole patch would become a giant cat litter tray.

Today I pulled it all up with the help of a spade mind you, it was thick as tree trucks at the base but still smelled lovely and fresh. I pulled out heaps of snails and threw them at the fence (sorry Buddhists) when Betty Boo wasn't looking. She rescued a little one from the spade, placed it on the timber edge, declared it her baby then promptly fell over and stepped on it. Oh she cried like her little heart would break, so I found another one for her and all was well.

I turned over the earth (oh the worms - woo hoo!) turned in some compost material, leaf matter and emptied the vaccuum cleaner bags over the lot and turned that in too. Vac bags should be emptied into the compost. It's messy but if you are crafty you cut the bottom off, empty then stick it back together with sticky tape or staples and you can save on the bags.

So this is how the patch look now. Pretty unsexy but I've laid the celery down over the top to keep the cats at bay.
It will break down nicely over the next few weeks whilst I plan everything out.

My whipper snipper is out of commission, so no comments on the edging please.
I made this out of timber from hard waste collections.