Sunday, September 27, 2009

Painting Myths One - It's fun...

Or the best thing about owning your home. If I ever grumble about this old house I hear the same chant from the renters of the world "but you can paint the walls any colour you like!"

Yes I can, and I have several times. Really, it isn't a great enough reason to hand over your soul to the bank. Stay happy with your rented white walls my friends, because you don't have to paint them. Or fill them, or sand them!

I used to think the same thing - and that it would be a lovely coupley thing to do with your significant other when you buy your first house together.

Cheekily flicking paint at each other, a smudge on the nose cheerfully decorating your own love nest and making your mark. Wearing an endearing pair of too big overalls, and bandanna tied just so.......that's probably just me, 'll stop now.

Realistically you will argue about the colour. Realistically you might despair over your darlings taste in anything. Realistically it takes a LOT of preparation and dust. Realistically should should pay someone else to do the whole stinking lot for you whilst you watch with a glass of Chardy in your hand.

However - if you are like me and can't afford that....I'm here for you, I feel your pain.

Least I can say I did it myself I suppose!