Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Emo Pets

Ok, pretty sure my cat has iss-ewes. Could he be a feline EMO?

Clues -

After Cat takes 15 minutes to decide if he should walk through the door I am holding open for him, he sits there looking hurt after I yell at him to get his act together.

When Teen Queen lets him in to sleep on her bed, he wakes to stare daggers at her. Can't pat him cos he gets angry. Then goes back to sleep, then does it again on and off all day. Then he spends all night jumping on her because he desperately needs attention - even though he rejected it all day.

Cat would rather spend all night sitting forlornly on Teen Queens doorstep IN THE RAIN than come inside the main house.

Diagnosis - EMO cat.

We have a fish. He is different alright. He is black and doesn't frolic in the bubbles like his other colourful brothers. No, he floats at the bottom staring at the corner all day.

Diagnosis - EMO fish

Fluffy mutt, spends most days trying to take on Rottweilers behind the safety of the fence. If she is out on a walk, likes to take on Alsatians just out of reach of their leads (and flabbergasted owners).
Periodically escapes the lie in the middle of the road.

Diagnosis - NOT emo, clearly not a deep enough thinker.....