Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pending Pending Pending

EVERYTHING is pending right now and I'm beginning to resent that word more than parking fines.
I have everything ready - although the postman has gone AWOL with some equipment, I have my entire Bach Flower remedy stock, dosage bottles, pipettes and a zen place to practice all ready to go. Except for this PENDING issue.

Applied for my business name, but that's PENDING so therefore my domain name is PENDING and I can't open for business without a website. It's driving me batty - especially because everywhere I look I see friends I can help, I'm prescribing in my dreams for Pete's sake!

I also need to get some $$$ coming in. Apart from the kitchen issue, the bathroom from hell and six mouths to feed - lack of $$$ is booooring. Constantly clocking numbers in my head, panicking when Betty Boo breaks 2 pairs of glasses in 2 weeks and feeling slightly guilty for buying a bottle of bubbles to celebrate Thursday is booorrrriing.

I nicked out to the shops tonight, it's been raining and since there were no minors in the car I felt an overwhelming urge to jump on the accelerator and hang the station wagon sideways through the intersection just like the good old days. But nooooo, I might get pulled over and get a ticket (for freaking awesome driving) and I can't afford it. Booorrring.

So - my one follower (oh I LOVE you and I'm all excited!), between you and me if we meditate hard and send Piss off Pending vibes to the universe at 10pm est I'd really appreciate it.