Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Something happened the other day. I just snapped. I've been waiting for a spring day to spring me into spring cleaning but the clouds came over and haven't left for days and days.
I couldn't wait for the perfect day and I couldn't keep busting veins over the unfriendliness of the kitchen.

So I cleaned out the linen closet in the hall and removed all sheets and bedsets into the bedrooms to which they belong.
Then I moved the pantry items from the teeny cupboard over the stove into the linen closet.
Then I moved the glasses/bowls/mugs from the stupid bottom cupboard to the stupid teeny cupboard over the stove. This hopefully means I won't find any more items in the backyard covered in mud.
Then I moved most of my baking stuff to the stupid bottom cupboard because its under the bench and far more accessible. This should also reduce the amount of teeth grinding and swearing when I start baking to distract the children from drawing on the walls.

This is a boring entry - I can't wait to start on the actual redecorating/painting and post up fabulous before and after pics but you always have to wade through the boring stuff to get to the good bits....