Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Recycling, but not as you know it

Aquaman came to visit tonight to give me his assessment of the new paint. Aquaman was a painter in a previous life - so has been avoiding me at all costs this week, knowing I would put him straight to work if he crossed my threshold.

He pointed out how he could better fill the pits and holes, I dared him to prove me wrong (sucker!). The problem being I couldn't find my spatula, so I gave him this.

Take a really close look. Can you take a guess?

It's an old tube of Hi Shine Lip Gloss from The Body Shop. Tee Hee.

Some of you might know that I spent a good couple of years with The Body Shop at Home, who are well known for their general commitment to all thing good for the World and their Core Values - one of which is recycling. I remain committed.

Aquaman only slightly raised his eyebrows, but probably because he was expecting me to pass him my trusty butter knife - which has momentarily retired in favour of a humble tube of lip gloss - and a great colour too.



Anonymous said...

Nice work love!


Schaz said...

haha!!!!! Woot!