Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pearlers from Cyclone

My wild, funny boy child. My Cyclone.

I never imagined myself with a son. I always believed I would have three little girls. Then again I used to dream I was having girl, boy, girl triplets so it wasn't far off.

Cylcone was born Zen but when I brought him home he didn't stop screaming. For 4 months I barely left the house. We rocked, patted, paced and cried with worry. It might have been colic or reflux, it might have been the stress of losing my brother whilst Cyclone was in utero - who knows but my precious boy arched his back and flung his little arms around so much we started to call him Flay-ling.

He eventually stopped crying,walked right on time, started talking and never stopped. He finally slept without a fight when he was three and at five years old wears his mumma out with his sheer energy and meltdown tantrums.

He attends Kindergarten now and loves it - but it isn't everyday. Last time I had to remind him that Kinder wasn't on that morning he yells "I'm going to lock you outside NAKED". Yes enough for the neighbours to hear.

When it was time for the television to go off, he argued it should be left on but it was futile. He considered his options, sat down quietly and said "Mum, I'm not your kid anymore". Deadly serious and you can't laugh, smirk or stifle a giggle or it just escalates from there.

Today he announced he was leaving home, never to return. "I'm going to the shopping centre, I'm catching a bus to the sea then I'm driving a boat to my island where there are coconuts with chocolate milk. You'll never see me again.........ponders........until I come and get you and daddy and Betty and I'll take you all back to my island in my boat and grow candy trees.


Although he can be very funny and tell wonderful stories I worry about how he will go at school next year. He is so rigid, must be the boss and will send a thousand curses on those who dissent. I have had some terrific success with treating him with Bach Flowers though. He laughs more, he shares, the tantrums are less and he manages to pull himself in before he hits Def Con 9 in the tanty department.

It's hard sometimes to know if it's a phase, if he is 'growing out of it' or not, so I stopped the treatment and it's been scream town again. A long week.

I'll mix up another batch, add one more remedy and lets see how he goes. I might even post my notes because its really interesting to watch it happen.



Cai said...

I LOVE that tattoo! Where did you get it? He is just gorgeous :) And such a character!

Anonymous said...

Please give me the names of these flowers!! My DS is very like yours and it would be awesome to find some way to calm him.