Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Paint roller be damned!

I hate, hate, hate rollers. You have to load so much paint on, it flicks EVERYWHERE and it can be really back breaking work even with the telescopic poles. If you have furniture in the room, the poles are unwieldy and clumsy.
I was thrilled to pieces to find this at the local paint shop. I think its just called a 'paint pad'. Dip in the the paint tray and walk from one end of the room to the other and it smears on. Awesomeness. Far easier. No paint splattering everywhere. Easier on the muscles. Love it.

You can also get these in edging tools to, but I'm paint cutting in Queen of the World too, so I don't make use of them all the time, however I will for the final coat of colour because it hides the tell tale brush marks and blends it better.

It you want to avoid the endless washing, rinsing and paint down the sink just put the tray into a medium sized garbage bag. Whip it off and throw in the bin when you have finished!