Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Boobie Queen

That's my Betty Boo, my baby girl.

Born calmly and peacefully into the water to the song Seeing Angels by the John Butler Trio, my last baby took to the breast like a champion - and never wanted to let go.

I was working part time when she was about 18 months. She would walk around the house wearing my bra sobbing for her boobies to come back. When I got home she would scream "BOOBIES!"
She very reluctantly weaned when she was three. I was tired and needed my body back.

Till this day she says Good Morning to the boobies, if I'm in the shower she rips open the sliding door to say hello to the boobies. She sings to the boobies if she is sitting on my knee before bed and last week after being sent to her room pouted "I don't love you mummy, I only love your boobies".

She has a great new song now and is perfecting a dance routine to match. There is only a chorus so far - "boobieboobieboobieboobie DRAMA QUEEN"

Love that kid.


Nicole said...

That is gorgeous! Love knowing there were other boobie babies out there. My little Chunky Butt would hyperventilate until she got her boobie when I would pick her up for childcare. Hubby mentioned that one night in between my snoring he could here her feeding and every so often she would pull off go "boobie" and start sucking again.