Monday, September 14, 2009

Fathers Day bust..

Scorpio was still recovering from his migraine so the best present he could get was to be left alone to sleep it away.
So I dragged the children down to the shopping centre to stock up on art supplies for a day of craft. If the weather wasn't so bleak I would have given them some poster paint and unleashed them on the cubby house. That keeps them going for hours and only lasts a few months so you can re do it and get time to yourself a few times a year.

We stocked up on coloured poster paper, cardboard shapes, glitter glue and these funky foam stickers. Butterflies and frogs for Betty Boo and pirate ships and treasure chests for the Cyclone. I like the idea of the stickers because there are lots of themes to choose from and it totally eliminates the need for scissors and glue. Betty just likes to squeeze big gobs of glue everywhere and you just can't trust the Cyclone not to cut someones hair, clothes or curtains. Was rapt to pick up a 3D dinosaur puzzle on special for $5 - score!

I also love the glitter glue. I love sparkly things as much as the next blonde and it's harnessed in tiny tubes - free range glitter should be illegal. It gets everywhere, permeates everything faster than Ebola and is just as dangerous. That stuff can and does get lodged in peoples eyes and clearly from my previous entry, I'm just not up for another visit to casualty.

So off we go into Sunday crafty heaven, and after awhile I check on the masterpieces. My left eye starts twitching - oh why does it bother me so much that the pirate ships are in the sky and the frogs are sitting on the butterflies covered in fat blobs of glitter glue?? I imagined sweet landscapes of frogs by ponds and butterflies landing in blossom covered trees. I repress the urge to say 'no sweetie, the frogs should go here by the pond, the pirate ships should be in the sea not the sky'..Am I really this OCD?

45 minutes later I realise I am sitting alone hunched over teeny tiny pieces of dinosaur and going blind trying to fit them all together whilst the children are sitting in front of Spongebob like any other day.

Could have given them some magazines, told them not to rip them and saved myself $40...