Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Apology...hummingbird attack.

I feel the need to apologise for some reason. I have so many blog posts in the pipeline but I can't get around to them.

Yeah, I've been painting, cooking, kid-wrangling just like everyone else but I have THE HUMMINGBIRD.

Formerly known as my mother. My mum is a ball of awesome energy, she is fearless and tireless and an inspirational campaigner to All Things Lovely.

Now mum took an entire month off work. She was looking forward to it but all her plans were shaken when she developed an allergy to some face cream. He whole face went puffy and red and uncomfortable. She hasn't been able to go out and get things done. So much was planned.

This is not good. She has nowhere to expend her energy - except me. She is operating a warp speed levels and just won't stop. Usually I can keep up with her fine, but since I have also totally rearranged the house I have boxes of things yet to go back in their new places.

So I'm up the ladder covered in paint and mum is putting things away where she thinks they should go, running off to the paint shop to find a colour she likes for the kitchen, pulling weeds out of my garden and asking me why this, this and that hasn't been done yet.

This week she has been calling me daily demanding to know if I have done this, this and that yet and I have to give a report. I'm scared to answer the phone. I'll get more instructions if I do and if I don't answer the phone she will come and tidy up again.

I love her to death and she brought over an entire roast dinner so I didn't have to take time away from my 'chores' to cook. I was almost happy to get a migraine so I could hide under my doona....


Lucy said...

Send her to me. She sounds divine.xx