Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rebacks on the dunny seat.....ummm the shed.

And that my friends is a very dusty redback spider - no I wasn't going to dust it off for you.

I found quite a few of them when I cleaned out my massive garage. I love my garage so much. I can buy crappy furniture and store there until I am ready to fix it up.
That didn't happen however. I only had time to put in a lovely old fashioned cradle (hard rubbish woo hoo) and a set of six wooden chairs (more hard rubbish) before my sister needed the space to put all the crap she has accumulated over years of being a circus trapeze artist.

Most of it is out now, but I still have some trees from the set of Where the Wild Things are, about 15 cans of totally unusable paint and some airconditioning tube-y stuff. I'm quite attached to the trees actually. They are very light weight but look fabulous. Maybe I can put them in my bedroom - I've always wanted to sleep in a tree-house jungle....