Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vodka and Ganache

What a looooooooooooooooooong week it's been. I'm spent.

Since Scorpio is here to see the kids, and since our parenting styles are poles apart I usually make myself scarce so he can get on with doing daddy stuff. Without my head exploding at the thought of Cyclone 'helping' daddy with a screwdriver in his hand or whatever is on the agenda that gives me heart failure (usually everything).

I headed up to see Miss Neurotic for the evening. One great thing about that is I don't even have to brush my hair to do this. The other great thing is the culinary skills of this laydee. She was in the middle of baking a cake to feed 1400 people (ok 200), and I got there right in time for the ganache.

Ahhh, sitting on the big chair in the lounge, vodka at my side and a big spoonful of smooth, rich, chocolatey goodness. Look closely for where my sticky fingers have been.



Sarah said...

You're making me jealous Lulu, I wanna go eat ganache with Miss Neurotic!