Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Village People

O goodness I have neglected my lil blogerino, but MY have I been busy!

First off I helped a friend move house. A pretty sucky situation for my friend The Expat but a few emails and we had a posse ready to go pack the house and move her outta there.

I had thoughts of blogging this move - talking about how important a strong community is, to build your own "village" to rely on and contribute to yadda yadda. I was even going to take photos. I had everything sorted, organised and staggered the help so there were always packers and muscle going at the same time.
I was going to call this post The Village.

However in retropsect The Village People seems to somehow be more appropriate. A little more comedy if you will...

The poor Expat was at the police station at 5am due to a deranged and drunken man appearing at her door in the early hours.

Then we had a drop out due to excessive alcohol use by the babysitter the night before. I trust The Ray spent the morning showing the children how to bang pots outside the bedroom door.

We had a small child tanty issue. Of course there is nothing small about a tanty no matter

And to top it all off, on the way to pick up the truck, yours truly ran out of petrol. In the middle of the road. WHO DOES THAT PAST THE AGE OF 19???

So therefore all careful planning was out the window, the truck got there late, everything was a shambles BUT

We got it all done. And entire house packed and moved in 4 hours. The Expat is happily in her own place with her teeny, tiny perfect boy child and all is well with the world...

So the moral of the story - when you need to move quickly call The Village People.

Or not....