Monday, October 5, 2009

Painting Myths - 2 - Feature Walls

Feature walls are stupid. They were very trendy for awhile and you can blame that on all the Home Improvement shows that were clogging our screens for so long.

Why are they stupid? Well, because I said so - because I have only ever seen ONE decent one and it was done by a professional but even now it just looks outdated.

If you want to move your furniture around the 'feature' wall won't be that anymore.
You usually have to paint over them if you intend on selling your house cos not everyone loves Decadent Diva or Pina Colada.

That lurvely burnt orange that is so lovely in winter makes you feel like you are in an oven in summer.
Stick to changing the seasons with cushions and funky blankets - keep your walls a classic colour and save yourself 15 coats on the one wall. That's something no feature wall fan will tell you - the darker colours require so many coats of paint you are sick to death of it before it even dries.

Textured walls, save that for the outside. Sponging, rag rolling or anything that involves a special kind of paint - blueergh. I can't relax with a paint textured wall near me. It's never as easy as the DIY shows make it look, it just never looks right and you can always spot the part of the wall where the enthusiasm wanes.

Save yourself the hassle – have fabulous furniture instead….