Thursday, October 29, 2009

Recycling, reloving, reusing

I love love love Hard Rubbish Day. Our council does one twice a year. Anything too big for the bin goes out on the nature strip to be spirited away.

It used to be awful because there would be 'kerb crawlers' out the front at all times of the day or night sending Fluffy Mutt into paroxysms of barking joy, and keeping me constantly thinking someone was here for a visit. Each time I heard a muffler I would run about the house throwing everything on the floor into cupboards panicking I was to be caught out in the atrocious mess in which I live....

So the neighbourhood has learnt not to throw anything out until the day before to minimize the stress.

Scorpio LOVES Hard Rubbish day more than me, and he does it properly.
He takes the children and Fluffy Mutt for a walk, pegs what he wants then races back to get the car and fill it up. He stops for a chat or gives a wave to the people in the house he is flogging stuff from, then returns back to fill the garage with his finds.

We got this - perfectly clean cupboard! Goes straight into the shed to house my brooms and painting gear.

And this - 2 brand new planter boxes and a cabinet I'm going to use for a medicines or laundry things.

and three, yes THREE kids bicycles in near perfect working order!

Cyclone got a bike for Xmas but we realised the whole thing was too heavy for him to balance well (why they make kids bikes like that is beyond me), so Scorpio changed some of the parts around and within 5 minutes Cyclone was whizzing down the footpath with no training wheels!

Scorpio also put together a whole new bike for little Zac at kinder who was thrilled as he had grown out of his old one.

All this stuff was going into the back of a crusher never to be seen again! What a terrible waste.


Fiona said...

Great finds!!!!!!!!!!

Can't get over brand new planter boxes!!!!!!!!