Saturday, October 10, 2009

Getting plastered

So one end of the living area is done. Time for the next one. The dining area. Sadly the dude that owned the house before me thought it was fine to line the walls with masonite instead of plaster, and that hanging it vertically instead of horizontally was ok too.

But its not. I have big cracks between the sheets and even my universal filler skills couldn't cope with.

So here is my plasterer - well his bum anyway. He spent 3 hours 'floating' my wall, for the princely sum of a slab of beer.
I love Jamie the plaster man, cos now it looks like this -

This IS an improvement. As you can see by the splotches of colour I am having alot of trouble finding the right green.I am looking for the perfect green to go with the candy apple red Kitchen Aid I don't even own yet.

Some of you will understand that....