Friday, October 16, 2009

More uncooking

What's this?

Yes, chocolate biscuits ready to go in the oven. Yum.
Yes, that is a bottle of bubbles ready to be opened on a Friday evening, but not only that - it's my rolling pin.

I don't know why I don't have a proper one. Either it's because I'm a little scared of them since I read an Enid Blyton book with a picture of a mad woman chasing someone with one, or I'm worried I might turn into some sort of evil Martha Stewart.
Anyhow it works on two levels because I certainly need some bubbles after cooking with the children.

I'm writing this at an unusual time of day. I'm a little bit bored because I have to wait until the dishwasher has finished before I can turn the oven on. I have a stupid kitchen remember. I bake with a benchtop oven and the dishwasher (yeah, I know at least I HAVE one) doesn't have it's own point.

The size of the kitchen isn't an issue, but its as mental as the rest of the house in weird ways. So it's wonderful that I have a large bench looking over the dining room, right?
Well no, because the power points are all in one corner. I can't even use the space I have *whiiiine... (actually WINE!)
I have to move everything into one corner filled with the toaster, kettle, oven, dishwasher and negotiate all the things jammed into the points like fish filter, telephone and work out which is more important for that moment. Blender or phone? Dishwasher or oven?

I have to work myself up about it so I can justify the wine....WINE!


P.S - I have the fish tank in the kitchen to hide where all the tiles fell off...


Nelle said...

Can you use a powerboard my love?