Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Passion of the Catamaran

This is a catamaran being moved out of the front garden in which it was built.

I like my neighbourhood alot and this is one of the reasons. There is always something interesting to look at when you are out and about.

For the past 5 years this guy has been working on it from the ground up. Initially it was upside down and he had a competition to guess what it was because you just could not tell. They needed a crane to flip it over to finish the top part but I didn't get a pic of that...

A keen sailor, boatdude sailed far and wide with his wife. Came back to Melbourne to settle down had a baby and that is where the idea began. His goal was to take his little boy on an ocean adventure on a machine built by himself. His son is now about 7 so once he has his sea legs and the boat proven seaworthy, they will be off on a 5 month trip to wherever they please.

What a terrific experience for mini boatdude and a testament to his dad who was determined to finish the project no matter how close to broke he got!

I'm looking forward to a postcard...