Sunday, September 6, 2009

Scorpio channels a policeman

So there's lots in the media about the dangers of texting whilst driving right now. Fair enough too.

There was quite a graphic report on 60 minutes tonight - I don't usually watch it because of the craptacular interview skills of the tick tick tick team but I couldn't find the remote.


-Distraught mother of teen killed in car "I really feel if there were no phones my daughter would be alive right now" *sobs
-Idiot reporter "so what you're saying is that if there were no phones your daughter would be alive right now?"

Nuff said.

I haven't had experience with this myself, I can't even comprehend it. I have enough trouble concentrating on the road whilst Cyclone and Betty Boo do their usual slapfight & howl, or on a good day a hearty rendition of Heads Shoulders Wees and Poos.

Add texting to that and I wouldn't make it past the letterbox.

Aquaman had a phone related car accident recently, resulting in $15,000 damage to his machine and $4500 damage to the the car he ran up the backside of. His defence was that his new phone doesn't tell him (over the handsfree speaker setup) who is calling. He looked down for a second and WHAMMO. No one was hurt thank goodness. It only took a second.

However Aquaman is in logistics, is on the road all the time and well....needs his phone on the road. He takes calls all day long whilst driving from place to place. How on earth did people run fleets of trucks before mobile phones were invented?

I dwelt on that often, mildly crapping my pants since Aquaman borrowed my station wagon for the 6 weeks it took to repair his wheels.

Anyhoo Scorpio got back the other night telling me how he was nearly run off the road by some twit merrily chatting away on her mobile, nearly swerving into him several times.
He pulled up next to her at the lights and glares at her. She ignores him and continues her animated conversation.
Scorp gets annoyed, beeps the horn until she looks over again. He reaches into his top pocket, pulls out his wallet and waves it at her. That worked immediately. She literally throws the phone onto the passenger side floor, frantically mouths apologies and when the lights turn green takes off at a snails pace thanking her lucky stars that the nice policeman let her off.

Yeah - the heavily tattooed 'undercover policeman' driving a Kia Carnival.


So have a go, next time you see some fool on their mobile phone whilst driving, look stern and wave your wallet around a bit. I don't think it would work with a girly purse though.

Yours in bewilderment of the everlasting stupidity of some people.....