Sunday, September 20, 2009

Meet my secret weapon

I discovered I have rats in the compost. The rotten buggers. I'll have to dismantle it all down and find something they cannot eat through - like they did with the timber. Yuuuuuuk.

Since Emo cat is quite content letting magpies walk over the top of him to eat out of his food bowl I am happy to introduce you to my owl. He is a Powerful Owl, and I think that's a boring name, not like Tawny Frogmouth....or Silent Killer Owl, which is what I would call him.

He's actually a baby. His mother who is enormous starting coming to our yard and perch on the antenna. Later she brought him along and they had silent assassin training sessions in my backyard at night. It was awe inspiring to watch. The baby must be used to us now because he perches down on the deck railing and doesn't mind if we take a picture now and then.

Hmmmm, I'm not sure what to call him.....