Monday, September 14, 2009

Another hospital visit...

What a sleepless week.
Betty Boo has had temperatures all week, which means she has been sleeping in my bed, which means I get kicked all night.
She seemed on the mend so I kicked her back into her own room but she woke that night with a really weird rash. Sort of mozzie bites on her feet and face but her back looked almost stained with pink. 3 phone calls and 15 texts to my friend Miss Neurotic and we decide it's off to casualty because you just can't mess with the possibility of meningicoccal....
She was seen almost straight away, everything deemed safe and she just charmed the coats off everybody there. No wonder she feels right at home though - she has been there enough times.

You would think it would be Cyclone in Emergency every 15 minutes wouldn't you?

So apart from being born at the birth centre attached to the hospital Betty Boo has also had her head glued together after a fall on my hard floors (gumboots on the wrong feet will make kids more unco than usual), we have also had to race her up there for xrays and these are the results.

Yes, it's a butterfly. She swallowed a charm from her bracelet. It was just a dress up type thing, nothing to solid or metal. Once it was established it wasn't lodged in her throat, the doctors said to let nature take it's course - then ran into the tea room to show the rest of the hospital. She was slightly famous for that one.