Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Chalkboard Brain

One of the best things I have done to this house is made a great big chalkboard. A tin of chalkboard paint and a wall close to the kitchen and my brain is outside my body.

I just cannot retain information like I used to. My thoughts are constantly interrupted by little people (no, not leprechauns) and my previous habit of writing phone numbers and notes on the back of envelopes just wasn't working. Half the time I wake up and can't remember my own name or what day it is until Play School comes on.
Other times I have so many thoughts flying around that they risk being lost forever so I have my Muggle version of Dumbledores pensieve and it works a treat.

The children LOVE being able to write all over the wall with mummys blessing (although Cyclone always likes it better if there is no blessing - hence the crayon in the hallway), so I have made it big enough for EVERYONE to have a turn and high enough that my reminders cannot be erased by anyone but myself.

Highly recommended.