Monday, September 21, 2009

Cyclones nightime crusade

The man is capable of inciting riots and mayhem in the blink of an eye.

First off, he lost his ipod whilst taking the children for a ride around the block. He thought he lost it at the park 4 doors up so he decides to go look for it immediately. At bedtime.

Now here we must stick to a strict bedtime schedule or else the lunatics start running the asylum. I do understand the need to find his ipod but jeez - at what cost?

Although he snuck out the back door to go look, Cyclone noticed him missing within 5 minutes and demanded to know where daddy was. I was putting Betty Boo in her pjamas at the time, this always includes consideration and accessorising so it can be a slow (and soul destroying) process. We were nearly at a conclusion (Dora top, pink checked flannel bottoms and a purple scarf), when I told Cyclone daddy was at the park looking for the ipod and he would be back shortly.

Then the phone rang, Fluffy Mutt needed to bark at the telly and I tripped over the vacuum cleaner trying to get to the phone. I finished the call within 2 minutes, took a breath and noticed how quiet it was.


I ran and checked every room, and was heading out the back door and ran headlong into our lovely neighbour returning my missing boy. It was 7pm at night.

He had taken his little torch and headed to the park. Apparently daddy wasn't there so he headed home but got frightened in the dark and was calling out to Scorpio and sobbing.

Thank goodness she was watering her garden with her gorgeous long haired dachshund and heard the little fellas cries. Of course I was in top fashion form - still grotty from gardening and wearing my famous gumboots.

I can't believe even HE did that.

So we had a chat about never leaving the house without mummy or daddy, we talked about how frightened he was and how kind the neighbour was to bring him home safely "do you understand now Cyclone my darling?"

"Yes mummy, I have something important to tell you"

"What sweet boy-child?"

"There was a huge HUGE meteor than hit the Earth and killed all the dinosaurs, it killed them all dead and there were no people around when there were dinosaurs".

Goodnight Cyclone, we love you....