Sunday, September 20, 2009

Attacking the 4 foot celery

Soooo, it's time to sort out the vegetable patch. We got some lovely retarded carrots, plenty of lettuce, celery and a few capsicums. The zucchinis went beserk too. The season was cut short by the scorching weather and most of the plants were burnt too badly to carry on.

I will be doing lettuce again this year - oh it's wonderful having the freshest salad possible. I get a few different varieties for colour and it will last forever as you just pick off the leaves as you need them. I had to pick them whole to avoid the heat, but they lasted for ages sitting in a bowl in the fridge with the roots in a little water.
Miss Paranoid makes her lettuce last forever by washing and spinning it completely dry and putting it in freezer bags in the fridge.

I'll also do tomatoes - as many different types as I can fit, more capsicums, chillis - not so many zucchinis. Hmmm, I'm yet to decide. If I do buy seedlings they will all be Heritage variety - pre WW2 so haven't been fiddled with or modified too much. Did you know the first modified tomato tasted like petrol! They spent so much time fiddling about making the toms more easily transportable that the flavour suffered immensely. You also cannot save the seed to plant again next year because fiddled with species are sterile, forcing us to return to buy again each year. Way to corner the market Monsanto, you greedy bastards. Control my access to food? I don't think so. I'll be ranting further about Monsanto and their dastardly ways.

Having a backyard garden not only contributes to the environment (no transportation across the country) but having your own produce is just fabulous, tastes amazing and a wonderful way to get fussy eaters to try new things. It's how I got Cyclone to try carrots!