Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Tim Tam Dilemma

I'm not sure if this is a true definition of irony, please feel free to comment what you think.

Miss Divine called in a favour the other day. She needed me to pick up some furniture in my station wagon. She rewarded me handsomely with Tim Tams - every flavour in the entire range! Full packets. All TEN of them. I hadn't even known about half of them - Choc Hazelnut Mousse, Black Forest, Mint Chip, Honeycombe Chip, Cookies and Cream, Original, Dark, Double Coat, Chewy Caramel and one packet the kids hoovered up by the time I got home that afternoon.

I gleefully remembered where Scorpio hid them, made a cup of tea and scurried into bed where my new book was waiting for me. Kids asleep, quiet house, electric blanket toasting me - bliss, bliss, bliss.

My kids are deaf when you want them to make their beds but can hear a Mars Bar being opened 500m away. I was only onto my third slice of heaven when Cyclone stumbled in - I maneuvered him right back to bed before he woke properly and spied the chocolatty goodness in piles on my bed. The darn packets opening woke him.....bloody paper thin walls.

So I've decided I need to put them into a biscuit barrel so I can try a new one each night (yeah, right). I can't find a container big enough for 10 packets.

I can't even sit in bed with my cuppa and enjoy my book because I'm feeling paranoid about waking the kids, and feral for sitting here surrounded by so many packets of biscuits...

I need a giant barrel STAT.

I'm also going to need a treadmill pretty fast too. It's been 3 days of 5 tim tams a night. I can feel my tummy podging out and my thighs are wobblier. Scorpio has noticed and is taking pleasure in poking my pudgy sides - did I mention he has a death wish?

Yours in chocolate overdose regret...


Schaz said...

have you tried the white chocolate ones yet .... just got hold of some of those (stoopid late night munchie runs!)