Thursday, September 17, 2009

Emo Cat gets narky

Teen Queen has decided she finds it hard living in a room with her own ensuite, telly, ipod, laptop and phone. She has gone more angsty and feral than usual so I got out the garlic and crucifixes and she has decided to visit a friend for the week.

I've been secretly relishing the holiday from the psychological warfare - but now the bloody cat has started. He doesn't like it that she has gone so he takes it out on me.

Now Emo cat is the strong, silent type. He doesn't meow, he just stares and stares and STARES until he bores a hole in the back of your head. I'm sure he thinks vocalizing is beneath him because I can count on one hand the amount of times I have heard a meow out of him. In fact he did it once when I was ignoring his hunger and it unnerved me so much I dropped my fork.

So for the last few nights he has let me know how much he misses Teen Queen. This involves jumping onto the headboard of my bed and walking along it, "accidently" knocking things off. Then jumps up onto my dresser - not cleanly, he bangs around on the floor and when I look at him he is pretending that he can't jump that high. When he gets up there he stalks up and down and actually pretends to fall over. He jumps down, then back up onto the foot on my bed. Now this makes a hell of alot of noise because he doesn't do it Ninja cat style, he uses all his body weight to make the biggest THUMP possible. He repeats this falling over routine in the wardrobe and under the bed.

Then he walks out. He doesn't want anything, he isn't hungry, he doesn't want a scratch - he is purring like a lawnmower the entire time because he simply enjoys giving me the shits.

The whole time I am posting this I am trying to get a good shot of him to post up. But NO, he is not in the mood for paparazzi today. Usually he likes getting his picture taken and will pose accordingly - this is the best I could come up with...