Friday, November 26, 2010

$25 DAILY late fee? I don't think so...

Got a bill in the mail today - URggh, right?

It's from Cyclones Occupational Therapist. It seems our Early Intervention Funding well has run dry very suddenly, so I need to pay the difference of the his last session.

It's not going to happen very quickly, it's right before Xmas and I'm scurrying around trying to find a little extra funding to help us through till the end of the year. I want to pay it, this OT was doing some good work with Cyclone and was a wonderful source of support to me.

But then I got this -

In case you can't read it, the invoice must be settled in 7 days and "A $25 later fee will apply everyday that payment is outstanding."

Are you fucking serious? Even the Big 4 Banks can't get away with that sort of late fee.

Here is my response

Dear XXXX,

I have received your invoice dated 25/11/2010. As you may be aware our Early Intervention Funding has run out unexpectedly. I am in the process of sourcing further funding to make up this shortfall and will endeavour to pay the outstanding amount as soon as possible. I do consider this a priority.

However - Jesus will descend from the Kingdom of Heaven and play centre-half back for Jerusalam before I will accept a $25 PER DAY late fee.
Please do not expect that this will be included in the settlement of this invoice.


Pfft - the dickheads.


dachlostar said...

But how is she going to make the payments on the Porshe if you won't pay the late fees?

Sam said...

I think I need to adopt those terms ;o) Great response too!

Sarah said...

love it.

i always thought jesus would be more of a full forward ;)

Anonymous said...

Great response...But I though Jesus was a Superstar...on Broadway? Or have I got my Jesus mixed up with your Argentinian Football Player?

Being Me said...

The nerve! I have never heard of such attempted robbery. Love your response.

Lexie Lime said...

Yep, think your OT is slightly touched in the head...either that or her secretary can't take dictation very well.

Stand your ground chick, that is a disgrace.

In Real Life said...

Wow- that is just outrageous!

MultipleMum said...

Bloody extraordinary! I will be interested to see how your letter goes down.

Gracie. said...

Hi Lulu - HILARIOUS reply! Well done!

on another note, i was hoping to get in touch with you about a competition i am running. Just wondering if i might be able to find your email address anywhere on the blog? I have been looking but must be missing it... Let me know.

Lulu said...

I would have it on this blog somewhere if I could get around to tarting it up like all the big kids!