Monday, November 29, 2010


You just KNOW that when renovating an old house that you are going to have 'Uh-oh' moments and in fact several "oh SHIT" moments.

Due to the insane 'architecture' of the previous extension to my home - which includes random materials clearly sourced from questionable origin, I was expecting those moments. My bedroom is a good size...but has two doors. In the same wall. Out of the 4 bedroom doors one was an unattractive shade of green, 2 were poo brown and the last half heartedly painted white.

The carpet was so threadbare in places and surely reclaimed from an old government building....and it was PEA GREEN.

You can catch a bit of the carpet in the corner here. That's Cyclone pulling out staples with the pliers. Let's not talk about the horrific pink on the walls just yet *vomit.

So I pull up the carpet in Betty Boo's old room....and here is the uh-oh moment.

The lighter parts are rotted board and it may be possible put your foot through it

How could I forget the first winter after we moved in when we discovered every downpipe was completely blocked by 20 years of leaves? Rain ran down the walls in both kids rooms and clearly soaked the carpet in the corner. We fixed it the next week, and we didn't have a problem again. Till now.

The next one was an "Oh SHIT" moment.

More water damage, but this is worse because it's floorboards and because that wall backs onto the hell knows what I'm going to uncover when I start on that!


Cut out the damage

Nail down a new section of yellowtongue floorboard at the cost of $19.99

and hope the children continue with their broom obsession because it's really coming in handy.



Karyn said...

oh gawd Lulu, you know how Trev's renovating the entire house? It all started with a corner in the bathroom of rotted floorboards. I hope it works out better for you than it did for us