Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The State of my CAR!!!

Bloody hell.

I think shit breeds in there, I can't control it - but oh how I try...

Why my children need to take off their clothes in the car is beyond me. Betty is the worst because she cannot keep her shoes on. Even when she is freshly dressed in the morning she takes her shoes and socks off as soon as I put her harness on.

I once found 6 pairs of shoes and eleventy-four random socks.

I KNOW PEOPLE - I should get everyone to take their crap out of the car each day when we get home, and I try but it never works.

Cyclone leaps out of the car before it even stops in the driveway and is away on his bike, Betty follows soon after to chase the Fluffy Mutt who is joyfully tearing after Cyclone and I'm usually bolting straight into the house for a wee I've been holding onto for hours because I'm scared of public toilets.

I have the utterly brilliant idea that leaving the car doors open will remind me to go back and drag all the crap out. Which would be great if I parked the car in the bloody lounge room.

So, clean car people PLEASE tell me how you maintain it. Both sides of the van have large sliding doors so it's particularly embarrassing showing the world what a messy tart I am every kinder and school drop off.


Lucy said...

When I tell you I once had mice nesting in my car, would you feel better?

Seriously - do a once a week clear out. Before I grocery shop, I clear it all out and start from scratch.

Nerdycomputergirl said...

Lulu you are not alone - I swear it breeds all by itself. I try to clean out every week but then half the crap just ends up in the house somewhere to trip over *sigh*

MMBB said...

Oh Hello, I thought you must have been snooping in my car. Mine is also a trash heap collection of random junk lol

Anonymous said...

Ha - my car is the same. So much stuff gets put in it and then when I get home I am too tired and busy to drag it all back out.

I find a good way to keep on top of it is to pull into one of those car wash places which has the vacuums when you have 20 minutes to spare on the way to somewhere. Put all the crap in their bin and gather up all the keep stuff into a shopping bag. Then give it all quick vacuum. Great for when you need to kill time before a pick up.

My car has ants at the moment. Little Miss loves to chew on lollies, then spit them out over her door.

Christy said...

LOL! Mine used to look that way too. When my kids were little, I thought this was the normal appearance of a car.

Andrea said...

How about paying the kids $5 to clean it to get you started and the doing it weekly?

Sam said...

My car is the same state of filth I can assure you!

Tamsyn said...

My car is just as bad. I always intend to do it when I get home, but as soon as the car stops moving Max demands to be released from his car seat. If I put him down on the ground he crawls for the most dangerous thing he can find (normally the road) at break-neck speed. As for nap-time... pfft that's my blog time, as if I'm going to use those precious moments to clean my car!!