Thursday, November 26, 2009

Curtains - a year in the making

And still not finished.

Here is the godawful window 'treatment' before

Bluuueergh. Vertical blinds should be illegal. 100 lashes for peach tints.

You would be able to see the lovely big windows if it wasn't for these wretched things.

What was that you say? Draw them back? Umm, no they are broken like they ALL end up. Broken, random verticals fell down and Cyclone managed to rip most of the weights out of the bottom the first week we moved here. And I let him.

So this is what I did. Got awesome fabric. Cut several lengths, mucked around with it then got bored and stuck it all under my bed for 10 months.

Finally got 4 hours to myself so I dragged everything out and started again.

I'm so bloody talented that I can sew a straight line. I can also wind a bobbin - with swearing and have read the instruction book so I vaguely know what the dials on the sewing machine are for.

****Warning - if you actually have some sewing ability or knowledge of curtain making, continue at your own risk. Your eyes might burn at the Lulu "technique".

I just sewed all the lengths together, and after realising every bloody hook or whatever was going to be too heavy for the fabric, I attached black binding across the top.
Then I found those (tee hee) rings with the alligator clips on the bottom, clipped them on and voila!

and yes, it looks bloody terrible but I'm off to get more rings because they need to be spaced way closer.

Will update you when I'm done. The Hummingbird is coming over tomorrow to inspect my work so I have to go polish the television...