Sunday, November 8, 2009

Enemy, thy name is APATHY

I did something terrible yesterday and if I was caught I would have been de-friended by many.

Ok well probably just The Expat and Miss Neurotic but they count and they KNOW I should know better.
So it got a bit warm yesterday and that makes me whiney and saps my strength. I don't want to do anything - I had heaps to do but sadly for each project on the go I needed just one more thing.

A caulking gun to fill the gaps near the ceiling.
More ribbon for my sewing project.
Butter for the lemon curd.
Food for the children.

It was getting late and I knew I had to do something apart from lying on the couch prostrate with heat exhaustion. I could make an excuse for all the things on the list but the last one, the shopping needed to be done.

DAMMIT, I screamed inside my head. I grabbed the keys and ran out the door before I could justify presenting toasted sandwiches for dinner 2 nights in a row.

My attire was something do be desired but I DIDN'T CARE. Who on earth would care that I was wearing paint spattered tracksuit pants (that's a very formal description really), black thongs and wait for it....a blue bonds singlet. A truckie kind of singlet. I got addicted to them whilst pregnant for the comfort factor but usually a white one.

Apparently they are also known as 'wife beaters' O my god. But I DIDN'T CARE. Who is going to care, who would bother looking at me twice anyway, I don't know everybody in the world do I?

But it dawned on me as I parked the car, that each and every time I do the "I'm daggy but I DON'T CARE' thing I always, always see some biarch from school days that I hated with a passion. That looked down at me because my hair was blue and I didn't know the Lord's Prayer my first day at catholic school.

But I didn't see anyone I knew. It didn't stop me from internally sneering at those wearing denim mini skirts and heeled shoes (omg) though.

However, as I was pushing my trolley out to the car whilst thankfully remaining incognito I caught a glimpse of myself in the shop window.

I forgot I was wearing my hair Princess Leia style.



Nicole said...

Sure you were not in the US and going to your local Walmart?

Lulu said...

I think I need not have worried if I was going to Walmart, but there would be NO gstrings involved..