Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dinner at the House of Turk

So off we all went to see Turkish Delight and sample her awesome hospitality. I was very much looking forward to a) a meal I didn't have to cook b) using a knife and fork at the same time and c) a whole lotta lovely turkish fare and ouzo to boot.
I was intending to have several pictures taken of us all, looking glamourous and serene around a table like grown ups.
That was totally blown out the window by a note from the Turk insisting we wear comfy clothes and NO makeup. Now - the Turk is lovely but she is also mad and has a screwdriver she is not afraid to brandish at those who piss her off. I'm not joking.

However I DID gather the courage to disobey and wear makeup for the occasion. There is something not right about going out for dinner looking like a schlep. Supermarket is fine. Dinner with friends is a no no.

However I was mercilessly teased by everyone else all the way to bloody East Bicycle or where ever she lives and it was then I realised there would be no glamour shots of the girls that night.

So I had to settle for the kitchen. The shiny, shiny kitchen.

Forgive my fascination with tiles that don't fall off and places for everything.

Here is some of the food

There was heaps more, the entire table was full and every single mouthful was a dream. I ate myself stupid.

Then came the ouzo and I can't remember much more except for laughing my ass off for the rest of the night.

Oh and waking up the next morning and generously offering The Expat a nice hot cuppa. In which I put salt instead of sugar. Yep on the morning after a big night on the ouzo a nice hot cup of SALTY tea is just what you want.

So she kept my camera hostage for the rest of the week. I think I got off lightly....