Monday, November 9, 2009

Keeping The Cyclone busy on a hot day

All for free! Just a collection of buckets, a ladder from the hard rubbish day and building materials. All the timber came from hard rubbish as well, and this is what I'm using to build a chook shed.

Add in a daddy - who is a large child himself, find a shady spot in the backyard and PRESTO. Keeps him busy for hours.

We are pretty good water savers, even though we don't have a tank. It's a bit sad the kids can't run around under the sprinkler like we all did but I make sure they don't miss out on water fun.

I have several large buckets lined up along the garage wall. The guttering there is useless and always overflows so that catches heaps of water for the kids to play with. I cover it over until it's sunny - but then again my two will be out playing in the water even if it snowed.

We also keep the bath water in the tub during the day so they also spend alot of time transferring the water to the backyard with their watering cans. When it's all finished with - all goes onto the garden!


~Sally~ said...

Thats a fantastic idea!!