Sunday, November 8, 2009

Keeping Betty Boo busy on a hot day...

So it's starting to get hotter.

This is one of my favourite activities to keep Betty inside on a hot day.


You need - an old sheet or doona cover, spread on the floor and rolled up at the edges.
Lots of little containers - I like to save the little yoghurt pots.
Plastic bits and pieces - measuring spoons, medicine cups etc.
Food colouring - optional.

If you are going for colour, separate the rice into different containers and add a few drops of colouring. Stir with a spoon to coat.

This keeps Betty Boo going for ages. She loves to make soup and cakes and cups of tea using the rice.

She also like to stick her head in the containers....

and when mummy has made the grave mistake of leaving her be so I can get some work done, this is the result. All over the couch. Under the couch. In between the cushions and all over both dogs.
I was in the same room, just down the other end and I STILL haven't learnt. Even after 3 children that silence does not really mean a child playing happily. Well it does but it also usually means a child playing happily getting up to NO GOOD!


Mis_Tree said...

lol Thats awesome! Thanks for the idea Lulu.