Friday, June 4, 2010

Dragging my feet

Yep, it's time to pack up my little home and mosey on. I'm so conflicted, in fact right now I should be busy making arrangements but I'm blogging instead.

I'm sad that it has come to this - I hate moving and swore I never would again. I found my perfectly unperfect house in a nice street, close to all the important things and I love it to death. A big private front yard, and great big backyard with a deck overlooking..... The thing I will miss most is my huge sunny lounge room with enormous windows running the entire length. Shady in summer and in autumn the most perfect picture of a million different shades - fire red, yellows and rusty browns as the leaves of the Japanese Maples turn and fall.

I'll even miss the god awful bathroom. I think that is what bothers me most - leaving it unfinished. I had so much to complete, designs I pored over and fussed with - now I will just whack in cheap new fittings in order to lease it out.

So it's just a piece of real estate, available for rent. I have to do it, it's the smartest thing and when I think about it in unemotional terms I do get a little bit excited.

I am lucky enough to have a trusty bachelor friend with a big ole house and an invitation to stay as long as we like. Best of all it's a finished house! I can't say it won't be more relaxing to sit in the lounge in front of the fire and NOT think of something else that needs to be done. It's toasty, warm and best of all - minimal rent!

The bachelor works long hours, isn't here much but he is happy there will be someone here, there will be home cooking and the porch light will be on when he does come home. I can get ahead again financially, will have time to restart my business and help Cyclone with his schooling......maybe even look at investing in more property in the next 12 months. WOOOO!

It has been worth the slog over the last 2 years. I guarded my investment like Cerberus (although moaning that I couldn't afford shiny things anymore), knowing it was the key to bigger and better things in the long run, loving that it was ALL MINE, I gots it all by myself. (I'm going on a bit about that but I know there are other single mummies reading this and I want to make a point that it can be done)

Oh lordy I have warned him about the noise factor of 2 children - repeatedly - but he says "that's what pubs are for, they sleep at night don't they?"

Ummm, yeah - after 15 rounds with Betty Boo, she does go to sleep. Eventually.

Anyway, I can't dilly dally anymore. I must go and throw out all the broken and useless toys before the kids get back from their grandparents....

I love dilly dally. I NEVER get a chance to use it.



Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move. I feel for you packing with kids.

Give me a call if you want to chat whilst packing.

Wanderlust said...

I have an award for you at my blog. I'm right there with you, packing up and moving out, downsizing, all that good stuff. Le sigh. Good luck. xx

Lucy said...

Oh Luce.... It is a wise thing you do. I wish you all the very best of luck with it all. I am feeling excited for you. Dilly dally, shilly shally. xx