Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shamwow man returns!!!

Well maybe it's old news, but I thought it was worth a revisit.

PLEASE read this old post of mine regarding the SHAMWOW

Now you have read that bit.....I saw our friend Vince Shamwow/Ace Ventura on late night telly the other night. Now he is selling some garlic choppery thing. Can't work how the thing can peel a garlic clove without chopping it but - who cares? It prompted me to have a looky to see what Vince baby was up to...yanno has he met anymore tongue biters?

I found the original police report on the original incident (for a moment there I really thought he had another oral episode) and FARK.

How hard did she bite his tongue? How hard did her belt her to release her grip?


I dunno - read HERE



Wanderlust said...

Now I need a Shamwow. I need one! Prostitutes and Scientology. Wow.