Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Year of the Lulu

Yep, I've declared it. It's time to attend to meeeeeeeee!

So Teen Queen will always need me to tell her to put a coat on, Cyclone is always going to be cyclonic and Betty Boo will need constant hair detangling for the next....well forever.
I've kept the boat afloat for the past 2 years of bluuueergh and that meant I had to push some things waay down the list of priorities. Like me. So no more of that, it's boring as hell and I'm going to start getting boring too.

So I wandered into my fave little bookshop the other day and swore I would never neglect it again. Bought 2 books and read them in three days. I refuse to put my books back into boxes (I have built in shelves at my place so I can't bring them here) and I have cleared a space ready for new bookshelves (when I find the right ones) and ready to begin collecting again.

Happily the new house is within walking distance to a roller rink and I've been dying to get some wheels on again. I neeeed to get fitter and the only way this will happen is if fitness is a by-product of doing something I enjoy. So that rules out stinky gyms and lycra.
I know it's gonna hurt, and it's going to feel GREAT. I hope I don't break a bone.

AND I am restarting my business again. This is my true calling. After I finish fiddling with some technical stuff it's back with a vengeance.



Lucy said...

Good good good good good! Lovely to read. xx

The Fat Lady said...

At the risk of sounding oh so 90's - YOU GO GIRL!!

Kellyansapansa said...

Woo hoo!

Katie said...

Do it to it!!

Lori @ RRSAHM said...

Lulu on wheels!!

Veronica said...

Books = The book depository. Seriously cheap and free shipping worldwide. There's an affiliate link on my Sleepless Nights sidebar, otherwise the link is - I'm a little addicted. Like I may have bought over 100 books in the last 6 months.