Thursday, December 3, 2009

Awwwww Owly things

One of the great things about living in this Old House is the proximity to the local kinder. It's across the road and four houses up.

The other good thing is this....erm these -

That's Tawny Frogmouth Daddy

and this is Tawny Frogmouth Mummy. The shadow behind her is one of two babies. Fluffy, fluffy babies.

They aren't very easy to see and I'm not sure we would have even noticed they were there if it wasn't for the huge puddles of poo all over the ground at the Kinder gate.

So no, they are not actually owls - there are a few differences and they are apparently closer related to Nightjars - whatever the hell that is.
The parents kick the babies out of the nest so I wanted to make sure I got some pics before that happened. I missed a few more shots when my camera was being held hostage (hahahaha) but I did manage to get right underneath mumma to get this one.

Can you see that fluffy ball in the fork of the branches? See that black stripe? That's it's liddle eyes. It was giving me the evil eye I think.....but aawwwwwww.

So cute


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