Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rockin out to Rammstein

So Teen Queen scurried off the the Boxing Day sales and scored her own copy of Guitar Hero - clearly with mummys blessing.

Oh such good clean fun! This pic shows all 3 of my darlings rocking out. I wish I had taken video footage instead because the little ones were bouncing along perfectly in time on their new hopper balls whilst Teen Queen ripped it up.

The penny finally dropped about my dorky neighbour blasting random songs very late on Xmas Eve......clearly the Fat Man brought him Band Hero and he couldn't wait until morning to play with it.

I'm getting quite good now. Apparently I'm ready to move up in skill level from Easy to Medium. Of course due to the fact all the kids cleared off the next day so I had lots of time to improve my skills.

And did I - I spent about 3 hours in one afternoon being a rock star, thanking the screaming crowd for coming, and high fiving myself.

Then stopped and realised - I am no rock star, I am a suburban mother of three with piles of washing to fold.

Who's the dork now????