Thursday, December 31, 2009

Xmas shenanigans

Of course I had to go through the yearly shitfight with the outlaws about going to their house for Xmas lunch.
What gets me about this – each and every year the mother in law (MIL), who is not EVEN my MIL in reality has to make some sort of fuss. Apparently I suck because I don’t want to drive for 2 hours on Xmas day to listen to her family moan and bitch endlessly about everything in the universe, then eat her (truly awesome) Xmas dinner and drive 2 hours back home again. The food is lovely but surely not worth the 4 hours in the car? Xmas day is lovely for getting together with family…but surely not when you have to jam a smile on your face while you listen to the carping and moaning of the ‘adults’ over the table? Especially when you cannot get plastered in order to dull the pain or even stick a lampshade on your head to distract from the whining???


So Lulu called it a day and said NO MORE! Shitfight ensued but it was over quickly and I got to spend the day at home…..aalllll day with MY family. Who insist on laughing and having fun at every given opportunity. So THERE.