Monday, December 7, 2009

HA HA HA HA hee hee hee - STOP it!

Oh this takes the CAKE. Whilst breaking the Xmas present land speed record (6 presents, 30 minutes) I came across this.

Ohh yeah!

Although I did take home my babies placentas in ice cream containers and lovingly planted them in the garden...this is getting silly!

For best results use with other fine Hask Placenta Products.

You mean there is more? Placenta Shampoo....hairspray? Great way to scare off a hot date when he runs his fingers through your hair - "it's the Placenta that keeps it so shiny darling".

Blueergh! No I'm not opening it, I don't want to know what it smells like even if it is perfumed up, I will KNOW there is placenta in it.

*Placenta extract is derived from animal placenta

Oh...well that's OK then.


Lucy said...

Lucy, where on earth were you shopping for your Christmas pressies to chane upon this gem?!

feltpets said...

Who decided that animal placenta was good for your hair? Was someone assisting a cow at birth, and during the cleanup inadvertently run their fingers through their hair?! Then thought "hmm, my hair feels soft and silky."

Schaz said...

I had the best hair product when I was in Africa and it had placenta in it. It made my hair gorgeous and manageable. Woot now I can get more in Oz!

Anonymous said...

I was in a little Asian grocery store a couple weeks ago and found Placenta Soap!!! Can't quite wrap my head around the thought of rubbing placenta all over my body.