Thursday, December 31, 2009

Worshipping the false idol - yay!

Off to mums for dinner on Xmas Eve. Awesomeness. A table decorated with magic, delicious food (3 helpings for Miss Unperfect) – lots of laughter during the great gift unwrapping and screams of delight when one of the neighbours took it upon himself to dress as Santa and visit every house in the street.

Home in the pouring rain and bellies full – little tackers off to sleep – presents already wrapped for a change so relaxing in front of those cheesy ass carols on telly until I could stand it no more.
It was weird this year. Teen Queen flew the coop a few months ago (just not enough angst in this house apparently) but of course returned for Xmas eve. Like any decent parent I immediately turned her room into storage space about 15 minutes after she left (bwahahahaha!), so she had to sleep on the couch (in front of the telly so bliss for her).
When it was time to do Santa she was awake. It was HORRIBLE. The spell was totally broken. I don’t care that she is 17. She doesn’t care. She knows mummy is Santa but seeing the complete BORINGNESS of mummy arranging the actual presents in front of the tree instead of whimsical thoughts of reindeer and sleigh bells (in Australia hahahahaha) were popped. Badly.
In the words of Teen Queen – “it’s ok mum, it’s a Rite of Passage”. Nooooooo! I never busted my parents putting the presents out and still haven’t at the age of 30 +.
Ah well.
So I went to bed earlyish but found I couldn’t sleep. One of the usually quiet neigbours decided he would stay up late blasting his stereo REALLY REALLY LOUD. Who does that Xmas eve? I was also puzzled at the choice of tunes. Weird – one minute blues (so that’s ok) next minute Top 40, then some heavy metal (rock on)…WTF? Then I could hear him singing KARIOKE? Even more wtf. GO to BED DORK.


ashlea said...

Wowee! Mum used to get us to start helping out the year we found out... like your way better, seems to be more magic ;)