Friday, January 22, 2010

Conversations with the kids

For some reason the children come out with these really interesting questions just as you have kissed them goodnight and are walking out of their bedrooms (and straight to the fridge for a cold one). Scorpio gets sucked in every time and likes to report them so here are a few pearlers from my babies.

Betty Boo - Daddy, who is Christofart Robin?
Scorpio - You mean Christopher Robin? He is Pooh bears best friend.
Betty Boo - NO DADDY, it's ChristoFART Robin, Cyclone told me.
Scorpio - Oh, ok - I still think he is a good friend of poo....

Cyclone - Daddy, what do you do when an octopus jumps on your face?

Cyclone - Daddy what do you do if a big black cat jumps on you?
Scorpio - open a can of cat food.
Cyclone - No dad, a really big one like the size of a leopard and you can't see it because it's black and it jumps out at you.
Scorpio - You don't have to worry about that darling, we don't have big cats like that in Australia
Cyclone - but daddy, what if I'm an adventurer?

I'll end this with the funniest comment I've heard from a 5 yr old in a LONG time. He didn't want to go to bed and when told by Scorpio that's certainly where he was going "You're NOT my daddy, you are just mummy's boyfriend"

So wrong on so many counts but he does his best to push buttons ha ha ha ha ha!


Nelle said...

Well? What DO you do when an octopus jumps on your face?

Bec said...

PMSL....Lulu, you've done it again!!1 I LOVE reading your ramblings!! and I agree with Nelle.....what DO you do?? :P

MadMel said...

LOL love it! Some smart kiddies you have there :D