Sunday, January 31, 2010

More sigh

I'm feeling more apathy as the days go by. I have so much to do, plenty of time but no money to do it with. It could be worse but this doesn't appeal to my impatient personality one little bit.

I have this to go

The roof is gone rotten and started falling off. It's a priority because you can see it from the street and it's just embarrassing.

So I bought myself the timber for a Xmas present and set about demolishing the parts still attached. MORE satisfaction. I love wielding a hammer and destroying stuff is fun.

I had grand plans of doing this little project aaallll by myself. Sadly as the slats came off I could see a fair bit of rot on the beams. Never mind. I have some great beams collected from the hard rubbish that I could use. Buuuuuut - this is out of my league.

There are only one or four damaged beams, and I probably could have a go myself but Aquaman and Tradie Jay think I'm mad. I suppose I should listen. I am NOT going to listen to them telling me I have to buy new beams though. THEY say I should by new treated ones. I'm not gonna. I have perfectly acceptable reclaimed (and unused) beams stacked up and waiting. I'm going to paint them to protect them - NOT buy new ones. So there.
Although I did quickly check out my Top Secret Wreckers Yard for the plank covering but you can't really reclaim the thinner pieces and have to buy them new.

I always listen to Top Secret Wreckers man when he gives me advice - cos he's a hottie.