Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I haz some answers.....

Alrighty then, I have 2 answers from my previous ponderings.

1) Yes there is liquorice vodka but you have to infuse it yourself. This may require more research on my behalf because I'm not sure what liquorice to use. I still would like to know if I could just buy it pre-infused.

2) How much hair can a labrador shed in 15 minutes? THIS MUCH

After my last post I sat down and brushed Disco. I usually do this once a day, or even twice if I am trying to get out of housework. This is a terrible shot but the container is about 5 litres. I have to clean the brush after nearly every stroke and if I don't put it out of the way it floats across the yard and disco chases it..and tries to eat it. The bucket is all busted up because Disco tried to eat that too.