Thursday, January 14, 2010

Scorpio - can't live with him, can't shoot him.

Ach! Parenting with someone that annoys you no end is HARD. I suppose it's harder when you have to actually see them everyday....and since I don't I suppose I should put that in the column of BIG FAT RED pen.

He is a great dad and loves the kids like there is no tomorrow....but

he takes 800 years to START a job
he takes 900 years to FINISH a job
when he is here is uses every, single plate and glass in the house and trashes the rest of it, so it takes me 2 days to tidy everything after he has left.
when he returns a week or so later he smugly announces he is going to 'help me tidy up'
said tidying up never happens anyway
When he is here the children refuse to go to bed unless daddy tucks them in but
he thinks mowing the lawn at 8 pm is appropriate - right at bedtime.
he tells Cyclone insanely wonderful bedtime stories that last 45 minutes, which in turn has the poor childs eyes spinning like pinwheels and he can't sleep.

I wont bore you anymore and I'll have to stop anyway because earlier today he sent me a text -

You make beautiful children, cheeky but beautiful. Thank you xoxoxo



Vicky said...

hugs hun. i can relate!!!

Lori said...

OMG!! Someone cloned my hubby! He has 2 settings - full speed ahead (always in the late hours of the evening) or dead stop (most all the other times). But then he puts the most supportive, loving comments on my blog. Guess I'll keep em.

Love your blog by the way! And the template is lovely.